Born Connis Paul Landry, Boxx-A-Million, is an emcee New Orleans (9th ward & Westbank) native that currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although a ¼ owner of Indie label Viet 9 Entertainment, LLC and member of super group, New Orleans Bomb Squad (founded by DJ Ice Mike 1200). He is also a self-contained, managed, and distributed solo artist. Boxx-A-Million brings his 20 plus year experience as a seasoned artist, producer, and performer to the forefront of the independent music scene. He is mostly known for his lyricism, intricate rhyming patterns, and ability to adapt to various sub-genres within Hip-Hop. He is also a skilled vocalist in Reggae (Roots & Dancehall) & Rock and Roll (Mostly Alternative & Contemporary). Under a different pseudonym (Mighty Lion EyE) he has co-produced and produced for himself and various indie artists in different regions and countries. He’s highly noted as a top feature when concerning collaborations with other artist, and has been featured on numerous songs for mixtapes and official albums dating from the 1990s until present day. He has performed from the smallest night clubs to being an opening act and/or hype man to independent and nationally syndicated artist either through association or placement. From his hands-on experience, music industry studiousness, and formal education dealing with the workings of business, marketing, and innovation he has allowed himself to reinvent his brand, also expanding his target markets and mediums. In addition to his accomplishments he currently has fifteen projects released (solo & group) over a two-decade span. Noticing the different changes within the music business he has learned, adapted, and implemented the new and old practices which involves business and culture while striving for his dreams, goals, and aspirations of making this art form a career. Throughout, he remains humble and a student of the game. Boxx was first influenced by music as a young toddler in the early 80s; Michael Jacksons Thriller album. Afterwards was the introduction to Hip-Hop by older brothers and cousins: the art of breakdancing. He fell in love with the art of rap after hearing Biz Markies’ "Picking Boogers" which actually helped him through that process as a child. A decade later (1993) he would then write his 1st rhyme as "C Money" modeling himself after his brother Clarence (Lil C) who was in a rap group that was starting to gain traction throughout the city. Unfortunately, his brother was murdered months later which resulted in a need to fill those shoes musically and in the streets. The next 5 years as a teen Boxx would rap at local block parties, teen clubs, & house parties to make himself known as then “Da Adolescent” 1/5 member of a group of friends from the neighborhood he grew up in, then, they were known to be heavily involved in criminal activity. That resulted in a 1998 arrest of Boxx and a few acquaintances. There were numerous charges ranging from violent felonies to misdemeanors. While gaining credibility on the local music scene it was cut short at only 16 yrs. old when he was tried as an adult and pled guilty. That would cost him to be sent away for the next few years. While incarcerated he honed is writing skills and worked on his verbal vernacular as an emcee engaging in rap battles on the prison yards of Louisiana. There he changed his name to Boxx-A-Million, a mixture of his childhood nickname "Shoebox" which came from being an athlete in youth sports, which eventually evolved to “Boxx” from fighting skills he possessed during his early teenage years. While in prison a fellow inmate made a comment stating he had a million-dollar skill set which stood out to him. Taking all of those experiences and the concept of the 6-million-dollar man he recreated himself; the birth of Boxx-A-Million! Upon being released he resorted back to the street life and drug use and shortly became part of a new founded group XTreme Team comprised of one of his older brothers (13th) and 7 of the most elite rappers in his neighborhood. Produced by then known Ricochet Records artist Lil Click & cousin and longtime producer Hugg Dynamite of (Back 2 Back Ent. & Viet 9 Prod.). They began to make waves in a Wu Tang fashion during the early 2000s. This group also came to an end due to members’ bouts with prison time, street affiliations, & not being thoroughly educated in the music business (Boxx included). Although separated, all the members remain close friends and still work on music together until this day. The next stage of his career was affiliation with No Limits Ghetto Commission group member Holloway, and his indie label DFL, which Boxx featured on songs, wrote, and performed alongside label mates. Afterwards he would partner with longtime friend and (original group member), party promoter, and now club/party host, Slim Dog. Through Slims imprint he continued his grind throughout the city trying to make more of a household name for himself while beginning the process of creating a label with cousin/producer Hugg & older brother 13th. During this process, Hurricane Katrina left hem displaced, this split the trio; 13th to Houston and Boxx and Hugg to Charlotte. Taking close to 2 years to regroup in life, being displaced from family, friends, and familiar surroundings, recording music wasn’t a point of focus. Everything was more so survival. Boxx took that time to make life changes; enrolled in college, finally using a GED he received in a Parole/Drug Rehabilitation program, he reset the trajectory of his personal life. He then married his girlfriend of 3 years and returned to making music consistently, but with the balancing of a law-abiding citizen. From then until now holding down a career job, being a family man with 5 kids, and constantly on this music grind giving 100%, Boxx-A-Million shows his relentlessness, pure tenacity, and love for music. To know more of his story in detail take a listen to Boxx-A-Millions music!